Clever Ways to Surprise Your Mom with Flowers This Mother’s Day

  • Delivery at Work

Mothers work just like anybody else, and like anybody else, a surprise to interrupt her regular day-to-day is a great opportunity to make her day special! Flowers for mom on Mother’s day are a great gift, but the experience is made better when presented publicly. Make her the story of the day around the office by hand-delivering her Mother’s day flowers at work to let her know you love her!

To make this experience even more special, consider this next tip:

  • With a Hand-Written Letter

Hand writing a letter to include with your flower delivery is an easy, inexpensive, but tremendously meaningful way to make Mother’s day special. Something as simple as a shared memory, a basic poem, or simply a message expressing love for your mother with your bouquet of flowers can be a fantastic way to light up her day. Make this Mother’s day one that will never be forgotten by including a hand-written note with your All Flowers and Gifts arrangement!

  • Hidden Around the House

Depending on your Mother’s nature, perhaps she would prefer the increased intimacy of having her flowers delivered privately! Having them hidden somewhere you know she’ll find them is a great way to brighten you mom’s day with a pleasant surprise. A blast of color and love to interrupt her morning routine, this is the perfect way to get her day started, and an even better way to let her know you love and appreciate her!

  • With Breakfast

Most mothers define their role in the family as one who is primarily concerned with giving love, but Mother’s day is the one day of the year where she can expect that relationship to be reversed. There is perhaps no better way to get that day started than with a floral arrangement from All Flowers and Gifts, and a hand-made breakfast from you!

  • Use Her Favorite Flowers and Colors

Every mom has favorite flowers and colors. Taking the opportunity to learn hers in advance, and incorporating that knowledge into your flower arrangement from All flowers and Gifts, demonstrates a level of care that is sure to be extremely meaningful for your mother. With every flower under the sun available, as well as a near-infinite number of aesthetic color combinations, the arrangement of your Mother’s dreams is sure to be found in our catalogue!

All Flowers and Gifts

TFWEB643 - Teleflora's Joy Forever

Bright & Cheerful Flowers are Great Thank you Gifts

There is no better way to show your love on Mother’s day than with a floral arrangement, and nobody does arrangements better than All Flowers and Gifts. Take a look through our extensive catalogue of options and you’re sure to find the arrangement that will make this Mother’s day remembered for years to come!

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

It’s hard to know what to do or say when interacting with those in our lives who have lost a person close to them. If someone close to you has recently lost someone close to them, consider demonstrating your empathy and desire to help with a floral arrangement.

Actions Speak Louder Than WordsDreams From the Heart Bouquet

It can be so hard to find the words to describe your feelings when someone close to you is grieving. In these cases, we often turn to common cultural gestures as a way of demonstrating our support. We recognize that our grieving friend or loved one requires space to process their loss, but at the same time we are struck with the powerful desire to be close to them, and help reduce the pain we know they are feeling.

The grieving process is simultaneously an intensely personal, and social, affair. On one hand, a griever wages a personal battle, struggling to process tremendous and intimately personal pain and sadness. On the other hand, they must also manage the sudden influx of friends and family seeking to show their support.

It can be difficult to strike a balance between the requirement a griever has for distance, and the desire a friend or loved one has for closeness. This is why floral funeral arrangements are such a popular cultural gesture to demonstrate support for grieving loved ones.

“I Am Here If You Need Me”

When grieving, it can be difficult to speak to other people. We feel that there are certain social expectations on us to be polite, but the last thing those in grief want to do is engage with social situations. We need what our friends have to give us, but on our terms, when we are ready.

Floral funeral arrangements demonstrate that we are available to help our friends while avoiding the unfortunate cultural expectation to ‘be polite’. It provides our grieving friends and loved ones the space they need to process their loss alone; while also an easy avenue to our help should they need it. It says “I am here if you need me”, without requiring a response, striking a perfect balance between distance and closeness.

Beautiful in BlueSending Condolences in Calgary

When you’ve learned that someone close to you has entered into the process of grief, it can spur powerful feelings in you as well. You immediately are struck with the desire to help your friend or loved one, but also recognize the need for distance.

If you are struggling to find the words to say, consider action instead, and send a funeral floral arrangement from All Flowers and Gifts as a gesture for your support.

Choosing the Right Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming, and that means roses! While it’s only appropriate to give one type of flower this Feb 14th, don’t think your options for creativity are limited! With the right bouquet from All Flowers And Gifts, you can ensure your Valentine’s Day flowers say “I Love You” just the way you want them to.

Cupid's Creation with Red Roses by Teleflora
The Meaning of a Bouquet

When individuals fall in love, they come together to form something greater than themselves. Each member contributes their own unique character, together creating something more beautiful than they could ever make on their own. It’s appropriate, then, that the gift we give each other on the day we celebrate love is the bouquet, symbolic of this very idea.

Like relationships, no two bouquets are the same. Each has a distinct character, the result of unique individuals coming together to create something beautiful. For bouquets, its flowers each contribute their own aesthetic appeal to a grander arrangement. For relationships, it’s people coming together in love.

Teleflora's Rose Quartet Vase


When choosing your bouquet this year, it’s useful to think about the distinct character of your relationship, and creating a bouquet that reflects it. Consider these thoughts from All Flowers And Gifts

Aesthetic Decision-Making

With so many arrangements and bouquets available, it can be tough to select the one that best fits your relationship and the aesthetic preferences of your significant other. It can be useful to ask yourself these questions to ensure you pick the right one.

  • Simple or Complex?

Sometimes elegance is preferred to complexity, sometimes complexity to elegance. Knowing which one your significant other prefers can be massively helpful to picking the right arrangement or bouquet. Consider the way they decorate their spaces. Are they sparse, clean, and organized; or are they more densely packed, ‘noisy’, and rich?

  • Bouquet Colors

Picking the right colors is a powerful way to demonstrate the unique character of your relationship. Lighter and more vibrant colors indicate a relationship full of energy and vitality; whereas darker, deeper colors demonstrate maturity and richness. Selecting an arrangement that balances light and dark elements is a great way to speak volumes about your relationship!

  • Bouquet Accessories

A bouquet or arrangement is little without the vehicle for its presentation. The vase you choose is an opportunity to contrast or enhance the character of your arrangement. Thin, taller vases make for thinner, taller arrangements; displaying your flowers on-high and revealing any aesthetic accents in your selected vase. Shorter, wider vases allow flowers to spread out, sacrificing ones view of the vase to accentuate the view of the flowers.

All Flowers And GiftsLove's Divine

Be sure to keep these considerations in mind when looking through our wide selection of Valentine’s day arrangements, and you can ensure that this Valentines will be one that both you and your significant other will cherish for years to come!

Great Ideas for Flower and Gift Basket Delivery

Great Ideas for Flower and Gift Basket Delivery

Great Ideas for Flower and Gift Basket Delivery

Nothing says love like flowers. Whether you’re sending them to a significant other, a sick family member, or simply looking to brighten the day of someone you know, there are many ways that flower delivery in Calgary can make life better for those you love. Consider these ideas:

1) Happy Wednesday!

The best occasion for romantic flower delivery for your significant other is no occasion at all! Express your love for your partner by surprising them with flowers spontaneously! Demonstrate your love publicly by having them delivered at work, or keep things quiet and intimate by having them waiting at home for your partner to find. Flowers delivered in the middle of a week can be a much needed pick-me-up for someone pushing through to Friday.

2) Doghouse Insurance

Forgetting an important date or anniversary is a quick one-way ticket to the doghouse. By pre-planning flower delivery on every relevant date for the next few years, you can insure yourself against the probability of forgetting one! When future you forgets to pick up an anniversary gift, a flower delivery

Doghouse Insurance

arranged by present you will go a long way in terms of damage control, giving you the breathing room you need to salvage the situation!

3) Harmless Pranks

With the right clever note, a flower delivery can be a hilarious, harmless prank. On a sports team or part of a tight-knit office? Consider having flowers delivered to yourself when surrounded by friends, with the ‘From’ section containing the name of a friend or coworkers mother. Of course you’ll have to assess whether doing so is tasteful for your given situation, but options like this are endless when you apply a little creativity.

4) In-law Management

Happy family life comes at a cost. Neglecting to work at keeping things peaceful amongst in-laws, and you pay a heavy price. Instead of paying the price in the stress and hassle of managing your mother-in-law, invest in flowers or a gift basket instead and enjoy the benefits of consistent flower delivery.

This is an investment in your peace of mind, providing a recurring means by which to maintain relations, passively reducing controversy for as long as you’ve scheduled flower delivery.

5) Never forget Mother’s day!

While maybe your mother can’t send you to the doghouse like a wife can, this special woman is responsible for the fact that you exist, so make sure you always recognize her contribution to the world (you!) by scheduling mother’s day flower delivery. A small investment in flower delivery goes a long way to ensuring she’s always aware you care about her.

All Flowers And Gifts

Flowers and gift-basket delivery are capable of being so much more than just for special occasions. In fact, any occasion can be special with the right amount of creativity put into your delivery. For the above ideas and more insight onto how to show your love to those close to you, get in touch with All Flowers and Gifts.

All Flowers and Gifts

Thomas Kinkade 2016 Christmas Keepsake Floral Arrangement – All Flowers and Gifts

Thomas Kinkade 2016 Jolly Santa Christmas Centerpiece

For the 2016 Holiday Season, Teleflora will be offering a New Thomas Kinkade Christmas Centerpiece Collectible! For the 2016 Christmas Season we will be show casing a new Christmas Floral Centerpiece – Thomas Kinkade’s Jolly Santa.  We continue to recognize and celebrate the beautiful works of Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light.   This new 2016 Kinkade collectible from Teleflora will be sought after by collectors throughout the country.  Year after Year Kinkade Christmas floral keepsakes have been collected, they are great holiday gifts for family, friends and co-workers.   For 2016 Teleflora’s Kinkade collectible features a gazebo for the first time, surrounded by snow and evergreens.  Children are shown sharing their holiday wishes and dreams with Santa in this wonderful Christmas scene.   What a great tradition to celebrate!

T16X200A - Thomas Kinkade's Jolly Santa Bouquet

Thomas Kinkade 2016 Christmas Centerpiece Collectible Jolly Santa Bouquet

For 2016 the tradition will continue for collecting Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage collectibles. This wonderful “Jolly Santa Bouquet” will be sought after by many passionate collectors.  Celebrating the holiday season for many will continue with giving and receiving Kinkade’s holiday collectibles.  At All Flowers and Gifts ordering a Thomas Kinkade Jolly Santa Bouquet is convenient with online ordering available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Christmas flower delivery is available throughout Calgary and also Nationwide.  Quantities are limited, so it is always highly recommended to place your orders early for Christmas delivery.

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Easter Lilies

Easter lilies are very popular for decorating and gift giving at Easter Time. This year Easter is Sunday March 27, 2016.  The Easter lily is a lovely scented white lily that grows from bulbs.  It is native to Japan, and has become very popular with growers in Canada and the USA.  About 12 million Easter lily bulbs are produced and shipped throughout the nation yearly.

T12Z106A - Easter Lily Plant

Easter Lily Plant

Care Instructions for Easter Lilies:

  1. Keep lilies away from drying heat sources and drafts that can be generated from appliances and heating ducts.
  2. The best temperature range for daytime would be 65 to 75 degrees F.
  3. Lilies need bright indirect light.
  4. Do not over water the plant; water the plant only when the soil feels dry to the touch.
  5. Remove the yellow anthers that are found in the center of the bloom to extend the life of the flowers.
  6. To extend the life of the flowers, remove the yellow anthers found in the center of each bloom.

2015 Christmas Gift Ideas from All Flowers and Gifts

This year for 2015 we have a great selection of floral keepsake arrangements to choose from. Any of these lovely Holiday Arrangements would be perfect gifts to give.  We start with a tribute to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”Snoopy’s Cookie Jar,

T15X300A - Snoopy's Cookie Jar by Teleflora

Snoopy’s Cookie Jar


We also have a great mug arrangement, PEANUTS Christmas Mug by Teleflora,

T15X600A - PEANUTS Christmas Mug by Teleflora

PEANUTS Christmas Mug


Holiday Centerpieces are very popular for decorating, and this year we have a beautiful Silver and Joy Centerpiece,

T15X100A - Teleflora's Silver And Joy Centerpiece

Silver and Joy Centerpiece


Our Thomas Kinkade 2015 Country Christmas Homecoming is another wonderful collectible that is available this year,

T15X200A - Thomas Kinkade's Country Christmas Homecoming

Thomas Kinkade 2015 Country Christmas Homecoming


Another popular collectible is the Sparkling Winter Wonderland ornament jar,

T15X400A - Teleflora's Sparkling Winter Wonderland

Sparkling Winter Wonderland


To complete our 2015 offerings for this year is the Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride,,

T15X500A - Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride by Teleflora

Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride

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Thomas Kinkade 2015 Christmas Floral Arrangements are Great Gift Ideas for November Birthdays

This year for 2015 we will be showcasing a beautiful Thomas Kinkade Christmas Floral Arrangement Country Christmas Homecoming that includes lovely white Chrysanthemums.  Since the Birth Month Flower for November is the Chrysanthemum, this lovely collectible would be a great Birthday Gift for anyone having a November Birthday.  Thomas Kinkade Holiday Arrangements have been collected year after year and hold special memories for the Holiday Season, and as such are great gift ideas.

T15X200A - Thomas Kinkade's Country Christmas Homecoming

Thomas Kinkade’s Country Christmas Homecoming

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Asters – Birth Flower for September

Asters are the birth flower for September; they are known as having magical love and are symbolic of elegance. In September the colours of the landscape change into beautiful fall tones of reds, oranges and yellows.   Asters are great birthday flowers to send someone who has a birthday in September, choose from an assortment of fall coloured vase or basket arrangements.

Asters are a popular perennial that come in many varieties (there are more than 600), they grow in a bush like shape with star shaped flowers that have lance like leaves. Aster comes from the Greek word for “star”. They have a texture that is very lush with deep rich colours and fit in with the beauty of wildflowers. They are a tough reliable perennial, and make great cut flowers that are long lasting. One of the loveliest aspects of having a garden full of flowers is the attraction for butterflies. Asters with their multiple amounts of flowers are known for attracting butterflies. Butterflies will be attracted to your garden if you have nectar plants for adult butterflies and host plants for their larvae. Asters are plants that provide nectar and pollen.

In past ancient history the aster was believed to drive away evil spirits by burning the leaves of asters which gave off a perfume. Asters are flowers that bloom in late summer and early fall. They have daisy like flowers that bloom in colours of pink, rosy – lilac, deep purple, bronze, yellow and rusts, they are often favourites with fall and autumn flower arrangements as their colour tones of oranges and bronze fit the perfect colour schemes of fall flower arrangements. Thanksgiving decorations usually include the fall colour tones of asters, as they bloom in September and October.

Graceful Glow

Graceful Glow

Burst of Autumn

Burst of Autumn

Sending Joy

Sending Joy






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Orchid Plants – Types of Orchids

Here is some orchid trivia: Did you know that vanilla comes from orchid plants? The vanilla “bean” is actually a pod that is produced from the vanilla orchid plant known as vanilla planifolia which is a species of vanilla orchid.

The vanilla planifolia is found in the West Indies and Central America.   It prefers tropical climates that are wet and hot. The flowers of vanilla orchid plants are greenish-yellow and they only last for one day. If fruit is desired from the plant the flowers must be pollinated manually during the morning. To produce fruit the flowers must be hand pollinated as there is less than 1% chance that the flowers will pollinate on their own. Fruits are long pods that are produced only on mature plants. The pods will mature after five months at which time they are harvested and cured. The curing process ferments and dries the pods with minimizing the loss of essential oils. Vanilla extract is obtained from this part of the plant.

There are several different types of orchids and at All flowers and gifts we have beautiful phalaenopsis orchid plants that are great gifts for all occasions. Phalaenopsis orchids are thick leaved plants with arching sprays of elegant blooms. They range in colours from white, yellow and pink /purple tones.

T98-2A - Teleflora's Opulent Orchids

Opulent Orchids – White Phalaenopsis Orchids Are Elegant & Beautiful

Growing orchids is not difficult; here are some steps on how to grow orchids:

  • Light – phalaenopsis orchids like low light and can thrive in an east window or a shaded west or south facing exposure. Orchid plants do not like direct sunlight.
  • Water – the phalaenopsis orchid grows from a single stem and does not have a large water storing capability and as such has a low tolerance for drought. During the growth season water the plant when you see the exposed roots turning silvery white which would be usually weekly. During this stage try to keep the potting media slightly damp. When the flowering stage starts decrease the watering to every other week. In higher the humidity it is important to maintain a good air flow around the roots and leaves.
  • Fertilizer – During the growing stage, fertilize the orchid plants weekly with an orchid fertilizer. Decrease the frequency to once a month during the winter and flowering stage.
  • Temperature – the phalaenopsis orchid likes temperatures between 75 – 85 degrees during the active growth stage, but they can adapt well to house temperatures of 65 – 70 degrees.
  • Blooming – Phalaenopsis orchids bloom typically in the late winter and early spring. They have long lasting flowers that are held on arching branches. The flowers of Phalaenopsis orchids can last for many weeks.

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