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December Birth Month Flower – Narcissus

The birth month flower for December is the Narcissus. There are several meanings for Narcissus which include conceit and self love. The narcissus or commonly called daffodil is a tall standing single stemmed flower that can grow up to 24 inches tall. It has slender flat strap like leaves that can be 3 inches to 20 inches tall. The narcissus is a late winter to early spring bloomer.  The flowers can range in style from single or double trumpet shaped and come in a variety of colors such as orange, peach, pink, red, white, yellow and bicoloured. They can do well in Zones 4-9 hardy. Soil type should be sandy loam with high average moisture, good drainage and high – medium fertility such as 5.5 – 6.5 pH.

The Narcissus does well in garden beds, borders, containers, and slopes. They look great in cottage, shade and woodland gardens. They are excellent cutting flowers and are popular in early spring arrangements. They also have a resistance to deer, rodents and diseases.   They are easy to grow.

T140-3A - Teleflora's Daffodil Dreams

Daffodil Dreams

Narcissus are bulbs, and can be divided easily, these bulbs produce offsets which can be carefully separated from the mother bulb. Bulbs are ready to lift after they flower and the foliage dies back.  Remove the bulbs from the ground with a spade fork and discard bulbs that are damaged. Shake any soil from the bulbs and have them dry out for a few days on a wire rack in a dry, warm and well – ventilated area. Dust the narcissus bulbs with a fungicide to prevent any mold developing and store them in a dry garden peat moss or cleaned, washed and dried sand. The best area to store the bulbs would be with humidity of 25 percent or less and temperatures of 45 to 50 degrees F (7 – 10 C), such as in an attached garage or cool basement.

Christmas Flowers – Colour Themes to decorate with – Holiday table decorating

Red & green colour tones at Christmas are always very popular when it comes to decorating the holiday table with a Christmas Flowers. Combining winter greenery with lovely red Christmas flowers and candles can make a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece to decorate with.

T115-3A - Holiday Glow Centerpiece

You can also have a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece by using red berries, apples, pine cones and bows to create an outstanding look for the holidays.

T121-1A - Merry Magnificence

Green is a great colour theme to work with and is one of my favourite colours, With its natural look and feel you can combine it with many different options, such as frosty and sparkly ornaments & fabrics to create a more formal look and feeling for your home and dining table. Using some natural elements like curly willow & twigs you can enhance your Christmas decorating to make it feel woodsy and natural like the outdoors. Combining the different shades of greens such as yellow toned greens with blue toned greens will give you a great mixture of colour tones that will make an awesome look.   Christmas wreaths are great to use to decorate your front door &create a long and lasting seasonal look that is very inviting to family & friends.

T129-1A - Classic Holiday Wreath

Reds are always popular and can be combined with traditional greens as well as other interesting colours such as gold, silvers, pinks, whites & creams. Adding frost & sparkle to your decorations is a great way to change & freshen up an existing look. Christmas table centerpieces can definitely add that special touch when entertaining throughout the holiday season.

T131-3A - Royal Christmas Centerpiece

No matter what colour theme you are creating when decorating for the holiday season, seasonal themed table centerpieces are always a perfect choice. When setting a holiday dinner table fresh flowers bring joy to any celebration.

Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

Corporate gift giving is the perfect opportunity to connect with your clients to say thank you for their business and share holiday wishes. The act of corporate gift buying can become less stressful when you adopt an attitude of giving.

There are several choices of corporate gifts to choose from when deciding on the perfect corporate gift to send a client.

Popular corporate gifts are fruit baskets, gourmet gift baskets, holiday flower arrangements and plants.

T107-1A - Bon Vivant Gourmet BasketT14X200A - Thomas Kinkade's A Kiss For Santa by TelefloraT129-1A - Classic Holiday WreathT122-1A - Red Poinsettia


With the convenience of having the availability of products online, you can save time and energy with placing your orders at any time of the day.

When considering corporate gifts, there are a few tips to consider before you make your purchases.

  • Know what your Companies’ corporate gift buying policies are. You will need to know the dollar value that may be set for gifts to purchase.
  • Be aware of country and cultural differences that may exist when gift giving.
  • Be aware that any business gift will reflect on the image of your company. Avoid lower quality gifts that can reflect negatively on your image. Consider purchasing high quality items.
  • Have your gifts delivered in a professional manner.

Corporate gift giving should be a fun time to connect with your clients. To avoid last minute stress, planning ahead is always the best practice. Order your gift items well in advance to ensure that there is plenty of time for deliveries, as well as ensuring that the recipient’s will be available to receive them. Many individuals take holidays the week prior to Christmas; therefore it is a great practise to send corporate gifts in the first and second week of December. If you wait to the final days prior to the holiday, the recipient may not be available to receive your gift prior to the holiday.

Christmas Plants – Poinsettias

The most popular Christmas flower is the Poinsettia. As a favourite year after year the poinsettia is the Top selling Christmas Plant. Favoured for its beautiful large and showy flowers, the poinsettia is great for office and home decorating as well as for Christmas gift giving. Choices range from single plants to plant basket combinations. Whatever the choice the poinsettia will always be a favourite!

TF84-2 - Double Poinsettia Basket

Double Poinsettia Basket

T123-2A - Holiday Homecoming Basket

Holiday Homecoming Basket


T135-1A - Fruit and Poinsettia Basket

Poinsettia and Fruit Gift Basket

Tips for taking care of Poinsettia Plants

  • When the surface of the soil is dry to the touch add water
  • Remove all excess water that collects in the trays or foil covers – do not let the plant sit in water
  • To lengthen the life span of the poinsettia plant, placing it in bright indirect light is preferred
  • Keep plants away from drafts
  • Plant preferred high humidity if at all possible

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Flowers 2014 – A Kiss For Santa – Christmas Flower Delivery

Thomas Kinkade 2014 Christmas Cottage Centerpiece


The Holiday season always seems to come up upon us quicker each year! For the 2014 Christmas Season we will be show casing another new Thomas Kinkade Christmas Cottage Centerpiece – A Kiss fir Santa. We continue to recognize and celebrate the great work of Thomas Kinkade. This new 2014 Kinkade collectible from Teleflora will be sought after by collectors near and far. Year after Year Kinkade Christmas centerpieces have been collected, they are a great holiday gift for family, friends and co-workers.   This year’s beautiful collage collectible is a whimsical holiday scape with Mommy kissing Santa Claus, a definite heartwarming scene that depicts the beauty and wonder of the holiday season.

thomas kinkade 2014

Thomas Kinkade 2014 Christmas Cottage Centerpiece Collectible

A Kiss for Santa

For 2014 the tradition will continue for collecting Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Centerpieces. This wonderful “A Kiss for Santa” will be sought after by many passionate collectors. Celebrating the holiday season for many will continue with giving and receiving Kinkade’s holiday collectible cottages. At All Flowers and Gifts ordering a Thomas Kinkade – A Kiss for Santa is convenient with online ordering available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Christmas flower delivery is available throughout Calgary and also Nationwide. Quantities are limited, so it is always highly recommended to place your orders early for Christmas delivery.