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Thomas Kinkade 2015 Christmas Floral Arrangements are Great Gift Ideas for November Birthdays

This year for 2015 we will be showcasing a beautiful Thomas Kinkade Christmas Floral Arrangement Country Christmas Homecoming that includes lovely white Chrysanthemums.  Since the Birth Month Flower for November is the Chrysanthemum, this lovely collectible would be a great Birthday Gift for anyone having a November Birthday.  Thomas Kinkade Holiday Arrangements have been collected year after year and hold special memories for the Holiday Season, and as such are great gift ideas.

T15X200A - Thomas Kinkade's Country Christmas Homecoming

Thomas Kinkade’s Country Christmas Homecoming

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November Birth Month Flowers – Chrysanthemums

The birth month flower for November is the Chrysanthemum. They are perennial flowering plants that come in a variety of colors and are native to northeastern Europe and Asia. Florists often refer to them as mums. They are very hardy and are often used in floral designs. With the variety of colors that are available they can be used year round for all seasonal flower arrangements. Chrysanthemums are bush like in composition and have dark evergreen leaves. Their stems comprise of multiple blooms clustered on one stem. If you have them in an outdoor garden they will bloom from summer to autumn.

The Chrysanthemum name comes from two Greek words – gold (Chrysos) and flower (anthemon). Their meaning symbolizes cheerfulness and optimism. In relation to Feng Shui chrysanthemums bring happiness and laughter in the house.

Chrysanthemums are very popular flowers that are often combined with other flowers to make lovely flower arrangements. These flowers are great for birthday gifts. As seen with country chrysanthemums this arrangement is a perfect birthday flower gift for anyone who has a November birthday, the beautiful fall color tones can be seen here with the combination of a variety of mums.

Country Chrysanthemums - TF-WEB46

Country Chrysanthemums – TF-WEB46

White Chrysanthemums are widely used in Christmas flower arrangements. They bring a bright brilliant color contrast that is usually combined with rich red and green tones which can express a festive seasonal appearance. Often Christmas table centerpieces have a great display of flowers that would include mums. This year we will be showcasing a new collectible the Holly Days Centerpiece which includes brilliant white chrysanthemums.

Teleflora's Holly Days Centerpiece - T14X100A

Teleflora’s Holly Days Centerpiece – T14X100A