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Thanksgiving Flowers

Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October, and this year it will be celebrated on Monday October 13, 2014. This holiday celebration began back in 1957. Family gatherings are a large part of the celebration which usually includes a special Thanksgiving Dinner. Tables are decorated with fall colours and table centerpieces of fresh flowers are enjoyed. A common Thanksgiving floral centerpiece is that of the cornucopia or “horn of plenty” that is filled with lovely fall coloured flowers. Front door entrances are also often decorated with items such as door wreaths.

 Classic Cornucopia Thanksgiving Cornucopia Table Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of the year at which time fall colours fill the outdoor landscapes, beautiful colours of deep burgundy, gold, oranges and rust can be seen throughout the season. Marigolds are used extensively with autumn floral design, there rich colour tones are very representative of October. Marigolds are also the birth month flower for October.

 Sugar Maples

Marigolds Birth Month Flower for October