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Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

It’s hard to know what to do or say when interacting with those in our lives who have lost a person close to them. If someone close to you has recently lost someone close to them, consider demonstrating your empathy and desire to help with a floral arrangement.

Actions Speak Louder Than WordsDreams From the Heart Bouquet

It can be so hard to find the words to describe your feelings when someone close to you is grieving. In these cases, we often turn to common cultural gestures as a way of demonstrating our support. We recognize that our grieving friend or loved one requires space to process their loss, but at the same time we are struck with the powerful desire to be close to them, and help reduce the pain we know they are feeling.

The grieving process is simultaneously an intensely personal, and social, affair. On one hand, a griever wages a personal battle, struggling to process tremendous and intimately personal pain and sadness. On the other hand, they must also manage the sudden influx of friends and family seeking to show their support.

It can be difficult to strike a balance between the requirement a griever has for distance, and the desire a friend or loved one has for closeness. This is why floral funeral arrangements are such a popular cultural gesture to demonstrate support for grieving loved ones.

“I Am Here If You Need Me”

When grieving, it can be difficult to speak to other people. We feel that there are certain social expectations on us to be polite, but the last thing those in grief want to do is engage with social situations. We need what our friends have to give us, but on our terms, when we are ready.

Floral funeral arrangements demonstrate that we are available to help our friends while avoiding the unfortunate cultural expectation to ‘be polite’. It provides our grieving friends and loved ones the space they need to process their loss alone; while also an easy avenue to our help should they need it. It says “I am here if you need me”, without requiring a response, striking a perfect balance between distance and closeness.

Beautiful in BlueSending Condolences in Calgary

When you’ve learned that someone close to you has entered into the process of grief, it can spur powerful feelings in you as well. You immediately are struck with the desire to help your friend or loved one, but also recognize the need for distance.

If you are struggling to find the words to say, consider action instead, and send a funeral floral arrangement from All Flowers and Gifts as a gesture for your support.

2015 Christmas Gift Ideas from All Flowers and Gifts

This year for 2015 we have a great selection of floral keepsake arrangements to choose from. Any of these lovely Holiday Arrangements would be perfect gifts to give.  We start with a tribute to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”Snoopy’s Cookie Jar,

T15X300A - Snoopy's Cookie Jar by Teleflora

Snoopy’s Cookie Jar


We also have a great mug arrangement, PEANUTS Christmas Mug by Teleflora,

T15X600A - PEANUTS Christmas Mug by Teleflora

PEANUTS Christmas Mug


Holiday Centerpieces are very popular for decorating, and this year we have a beautiful Silver and Joy Centerpiece,

T15X100A - Teleflora's Silver And Joy Centerpiece

Silver and Joy Centerpiece


Our Thomas Kinkade 2015 Country Christmas Homecoming is another wonderful collectible that is available this year,

T15X200A - Thomas Kinkade's Country Christmas Homecoming

Thomas Kinkade 2015 Country Christmas Homecoming


Another popular collectible is the Sparkling Winter Wonderland ornament jar,

T15X400A - Teleflora's Sparkling Winter Wonderland

Sparkling Winter Wonderland


To complete our 2015 offerings for this year is the Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride,,

T15X500A - Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride by Teleflora

Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride

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Orchid Plants – Types of Orchids

Here is some orchid trivia: Did you know that vanilla comes from orchid plants? The vanilla “bean” is actually a pod that is produced from the vanilla orchid plant known as vanilla planifolia which is a species of vanilla orchid.

The vanilla planifolia is found in the West Indies and Central America.   It prefers tropical climates that are wet and hot. The flowers of vanilla orchid plants are greenish-yellow and they only last for one day. If fruit is desired from the plant the flowers must be pollinated manually during the morning. To produce fruit the flowers must be hand pollinated as there is less than 1% chance that the flowers will pollinate on their own. Fruits are long pods that are produced only on mature plants. The pods will mature after five months at which time they are harvested and cured. The curing process ferments and dries the pods with minimizing the loss of essential oils. Vanilla extract is obtained from this part of the plant.

There are several different types of orchids and at All flowers and gifts we have beautiful phalaenopsis orchid plants that are great gifts for all occasions. Phalaenopsis orchids are thick leaved plants with arching sprays of elegant blooms. They range in colours from white, yellow and pink /purple tones.

T98-2A - Teleflora's Opulent Orchids

Opulent Orchids – White Phalaenopsis Orchids Are Elegant & Beautiful

Growing orchids is not difficult; here are some steps on how to grow orchids:

  • Light – phalaenopsis orchids like low light and can thrive in an east window or a shaded west or south facing exposure. Orchid plants do not like direct sunlight.
  • Water – the phalaenopsis orchid grows from a single stem and does not have a large water storing capability and as such has a low tolerance for drought. During the growth season water the plant when you see the exposed roots turning silvery white which would be usually weekly. During this stage try to keep the potting media slightly damp. When the flowering stage starts decrease the watering to every other week. In higher the humidity it is important to maintain a good air flow around the roots and leaves.
  • Fertilizer – During the growing stage, fertilize the orchid plants weekly with an orchid fertilizer. Decrease the frequency to once a month during the winter and flowering stage.
  • Temperature – the phalaenopsis orchid likes temperatures between 75 – 85 degrees during the active growth stage, but they can adapt well to house temperatures of 65 – 70 degrees.
  • Blooming – Phalaenopsis orchids bloom typically in the late winter and early spring. They have long lasting flowers that are held on arching branches. The flowers of Phalaenopsis orchids can last for many weeks.

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The History of Administrative Professionals’ Day

Administrative Professionals’ Day (has also been known as Secretaries Day or Admin Day) is observed in several countries to recognize and acknowledge the work of administrative assistants, receptionists, secretaries and other administrative support professionals. In Canada and the USA, it is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April (April 22, 2015).

The original idea for this day started with Mary Barrett the president of the National Secretaries Association, now referred to as IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals), and C. King Woodbridge the president of Dictaphone Corp. They had served on a committee which was addressing the shortage of skilled office workers, and together with Victor Toldoya who was a public relations account executive at Young & Rubicam, the idea for a National Secretaries Week originated.

The first National Secretaries Week was held June 1 – 7 in 1952, with June 4, 1952 Wednesday designated as National Secretaries Day. In 1955, the date for National Secretaries Week was moved to the last full week of April. In 1981 the name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week. In 2000, it became Administrative Professionals Week, to cover the increasing responsibilities and expanding job titles of administrative support staff.

Over the years, one of the largest workplace observances has become Administrative Professionals Week. This year in 2015, it will run from April 20 – 26, with Wednesday April 22 being designated as Administrative Professionals’ Day. This occasion is celebrated worldwide through different community events, social gatherings and individual corporate activities which recognize administrative support staff with gifts. In Canada and the USA this day is celebrated often by giving one’s assistant gifts such as flowers or gift baskets.

TFWEB643 - Teleflora's Joy Forever

Bright & Cheerful Flowers are Great Thank you Gifts

T107-1A - Bon Vivant Gourmet Basket

Gift Baskets show how much you care

Christmas Flowers – Colour Themes to decorate with – Holiday table decorating

Red & green colour tones at Christmas are always very popular when it comes to decorating the holiday table with a Christmas Flowers. Combining winter greenery with lovely red Christmas flowers and candles can make a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece to decorate with.

T115-3A - Holiday Glow Centerpiece

You can also have a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece by using red berries, apples, pine cones and bows to create an outstanding look for the holidays.

T121-1A - Merry Magnificence

Green is a great colour theme to work with and is one of my favourite colours, With its natural look and feel you can combine it with many different options, such as frosty and sparkly ornaments & fabrics to create a more formal look and feeling for your home and dining table. Using some natural elements like curly willow & twigs you can enhance your Christmas decorating to make it feel woodsy and natural like the outdoors. Combining the different shades of greens such as yellow toned greens with blue toned greens will give you a great mixture of colour tones that will make an awesome look.   Christmas wreaths are great to use to decorate your front door &create a long and lasting seasonal look that is very inviting to family & friends.

T129-1A - Classic Holiday Wreath

Reds are always popular and can be combined with traditional greens as well as other interesting colours such as gold, silvers, pinks, whites & creams. Adding frost & sparkle to your decorations is a great way to change & freshen up an existing look. Christmas table centerpieces can definitely add that special touch when entertaining throughout the holiday season.

T131-3A - Royal Christmas Centerpiece

No matter what colour theme you are creating when decorating for the holiday season, seasonal themed table centerpieces are always a perfect choice. When setting a holiday dinner table fresh flowers bring joy to any celebration.

Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

Corporate gift giving is the perfect opportunity to connect with your clients to say thank you for their business and share holiday wishes. The act of corporate gift buying can become less stressful when you adopt an attitude of giving.

There are several choices of corporate gifts to choose from when deciding on the perfect corporate gift to send a client.

Popular corporate gifts are fruit baskets, gourmet gift baskets, holiday flower arrangements and plants.

T107-1A - Bon Vivant Gourmet BasketT14X200A - Thomas Kinkade's A Kiss For Santa by TelefloraT129-1A - Classic Holiday WreathT122-1A - Red Poinsettia


With the convenience of having the availability of products online, you can save time and energy with placing your orders at any time of the day.

When considering corporate gifts, there are a few tips to consider before you make your purchases.

  • Know what your Companies’ corporate gift buying policies are. You will need to know the dollar value that may be set for gifts to purchase.
  • Be aware of country and cultural differences that may exist when gift giving.
  • Be aware that any business gift will reflect on the image of your company. Avoid lower quality gifts that can reflect negatively on your image. Consider purchasing high quality items.
  • Have your gifts delivered in a professional manner.

Corporate gift giving should be a fun time to connect with your clients. To avoid last minute stress, planning ahead is always the best practice. Order your gift items well in advance to ensure that there is plenty of time for deliveries, as well as ensuring that the recipient’s will be available to receive them. Many individuals take holidays the week prior to Christmas; therefore it is a great practise to send corporate gifts in the first and second week of December. If you wait to the final days prior to the holiday, the recipient may not be available to receive your gift prior to the holiday.

Christmas Plants – Poinsettias

The most popular Christmas flower is the Poinsettia. As a favourite year after year the poinsettia is the Top selling Christmas Plant. Favoured for its beautiful large and showy flowers, the poinsettia is great for office and home decorating as well as for Christmas gift giving. Choices range from single plants to plant basket combinations. Whatever the choice the poinsettia will always be a favourite!

TF84-2 - Double Poinsettia Basket

Double Poinsettia Basket

T123-2A - Holiday Homecoming Basket

Holiday Homecoming Basket


T135-1A - Fruit and Poinsettia Basket

Poinsettia and Fruit Gift Basket

Tips for taking care of Poinsettia Plants

  • When the surface of the soil is dry to the touch add water
  • Remove all excess water that collects in the trays or foil covers – do not let the plant sit in water
  • To lengthen the life span of the poinsettia plant, placing it in bright indirect light is preferred
  • Keep plants away from drafts
  • Plant preferred high humidity if at all possible