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Great Ideas for Flower and Gift Basket Delivery

Great Ideas for Flower and Gift Basket Delivery

Great Ideas for Flower and Gift Basket Delivery

Nothing says love like flowers. Whether you’re sending them to a significant other, a sick family member, or simply looking to brighten the day of someone you know, there are many ways that flower delivery in Calgary can make life better for those you love. Consider these ideas:

1) Happy Wednesday!

The best occasion for romantic flower delivery for your significant other is no occasion at all! Express your love for your partner by surprising them with flowers spontaneously! Demonstrate your love publicly by having them delivered at work, or keep things quiet and intimate by having them waiting at home for your partner to find. Flowers delivered in the middle of a week can be a much needed pick-me-up for someone pushing through to Friday.

2) Doghouse Insurance

Forgetting an important date or anniversary is a quick one-way ticket to the doghouse. By pre-planning flower delivery on every relevant date for the next few years, you can insure yourself against the probability of forgetting one! When future you forgets to pick up an anniversary gift, a flower delivery

Doghouse Insurance

arranged by present you will go a long way in terms of damage control, giving you the breathing room you need to salvage the situation!

3) Harmless Pranks

With the right clever note, a flower delivery can be a hilarious, harmless prank. On a sports team or part of a tight-knit office? Consider having flowers delivered to yourself when surrounded by friends, with the ‘From’ section containing the name of a friend or coworkers mother. Of course you’ll have to assess whether doing so is tasteful for your given situation, but options like this are endless when you apply a little creativity.

4) In-law Management

Happy family life comes at a cost. Neglecting to work at keeping things peaceful amongst in-laws, and you pay a heavy price. Instead of paying the price in the stress and hassle of managing your mother-in-law, invest in flowers or a gift basket instead and enjoy the benefits of consistent flower delivery.

This is an investment in your peace of mind, providing a recurring means by which to maintain relations, passively reducing controversy for as long as you’ve scheduled flower delivery.

5) Never forget Mother’s day!

While maybe your mother can’t send you to the doghouse like a wife can, this special woman is responsible for the fact that you exist, so make sure you always recognize her contribution to the world (you!) by scheduling mother’s day flower delivery. A small investment in flower delivery goes a long way to ensuring she’s always aware you care about her.

All Flowers And Gifts

Flowers and gift-basket delivery are capable of being so much more than just for special occasions. In fact, any occasion can be special with the right amount of creativity put into your delivery. For the above ideas and more insight onto how to show your love to those close to you, get in touch with All Flowers and Gifts.

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The History of Mother’s Day and The Importance of the Carnation

The origins of Mother’s Day can often be thought to be traced back in time to many ancient rites, which had symbolic and spiritual origins, such as many Goddesses and symbols of motherhood that were celebrated. Mother’s Day is a celebration that honours motherhood, mothers, maternal bonds and the influence that Mothers have had on society. It is an American invention and it is not directly related to the many celebrations that have occurred throughout the world over the past thousands of years. May 10, 1908 was the first official Mother’s Day celebration that took place in West Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. White carnations were given out to every Mother that was in attendance at the celebration in Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.   Today white carnations are still very important as they are used to honour Mothers that are deceased. Pink and red carnations are used to pay tribute to Moms that are still living. In 1914, the second Sunday in May was signed into being the day of national observance, in which the second Sunday in May was declared as Mother’s Day. From this date on, this holiday flourished in the United States. Flowers became a very important part of the celebration especially the white carnations.

TF186-3 - White Simplicity Basket

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in many countries; however there are some countries that have different days set to celebrate, most commonly in March, April and May. Over 70 countries observe Mother’s Day.

To celebrate this special day Mother’s Day cards are often given as well as flowers which are a very popular gift to give in celebrating with Mom’s. Carnations have always been a popular flower, however today we have a wide variety of beautiful fresh flower and plant arrangements for Mother’s Day. Choices can range from traditional, to modern and contemporary. Whatever the choice, Mother’s will always appreciate and treasure a gift of flowers on this special day.

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Mother’s Day Flowers