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2015 Christmas Gift Ideas from All Flowers and Gifts

This year for 2015 we have a great selection of floral keepsake arrangements to choose from. Any of these lovely Holiday Arrangements would be perfect gifts to give.  We start with a tribute to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”Snoopy’s Cookie Jar, http://www.allflowersandgifts.com/calgary-flowers/snoopys-cookie-jar-by-teleflora-662754p.asp?rcid=216471&point=1.

T15X300A - Snoopy's Cookie Jar by Teleflora

Snoopy’s Cookie Jar


We also have a great mug arrangement, PEANUTS Christmas Mug by Teleflora, http://www.allflowersandgifts.com/calgary-flowers/peanuts-christmas-mug-by-teleflora-662917p.asp?rcid=216471&point=1.

T15X600A - PEANUTS Christmas Mug by Teleflora

PEANUTS Christmas Mug


Holiday Centerpieces are very popular for decorating, and this year we have a beautiful Silver and Joy Centerpiece, http://www.allflowersandgifts.com/calgary-flowers/telefloras-silver-and-joy-centerpiece-662775p.asp?rcid=216472&point=1.

T15X100A - Teleflora's Silver And Joy Centerpiece

Silver and Joy Centerpiece


Our Thomas Kinkade 2015 Country Christmas Homecoming is another wonderful collectible that is available this year, http://www.allflowersandgifts.com/calgary-flowers/thomas-kinkades-country-christmas-homecoming-662778p.asp?rcid=205701&point=1.

T15X200A - Thomas Kinkade's Country Christmas Homecoming

Thomas Kinkade 2015 Country Christmas Homecoming


Another popular collectible is the Sparkling Winter Wonderland ornament jar,  http://www.allflowersandgifts.com/calgary-flowers/telefloras-sparkling-winter-wonderland-662935p.asp?rcid=216471&point=1.

T15X400A - Teleflora's Sparkling Winter Wonderland

Sparkling Winter Wonderland


To complete our 2015 offerings for this year is the Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride, http://www.allflowersandgifts.com/calgary-flowers/send-a-hug-open-sleigh-ride-by-teleflora-662920p.asp?rcid=216471&point=1,

T15X500A - Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride by Teleflora

Send a Hug Open Sleigh Ride

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