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Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Arrangements With All Flowers and Gifts

It’s hard to know what to do or say when interacting with those in our lives who have lost a person close to them. If someone close to you has recently lost someone close to them, consider demonstrating your empathy and desire to help with a floral arrangement.

Actions Speak Louder Than WordsDreams From the Heart Bouquet

It can be so hard to find the words to describe your feelings when someone close to you is grieving. In these cases, we often turn to common cultural gestures as a way of demonstrating our support. We recognize that our grieving friend or loved one requires space to process their loss, but at the same time we are struck with the powerful desire to be close to them, and help reduce the pain we know they are feeling.

The grieving process is simultaneously an intensely personal, and social, affair. On one hand, a griever wages a personal battle, struggling to process tremendous and intimately personal pain and sadness. On the other hand, they must also manage the sudden influx of friends and family seeking to show their support.

It can be difficult to strike a balance between the requirement a griever has for distance, and the desire a friend or loved one has for closeness. This is why floral funeral arrangements are such a popular cultural gesture to demonstrate support for grieving loved ones.

“I Am Here If You Need Me”

When grieving, it can be difficult to speak to other people. We feel that there are certain social expectations on us to be polite, but the last thing those in grief want to do is engage with social situations. We need what our friends have to give us, but on our terms, when we are ready.

Floral funeral arrangements demonstrate that we are available to help our friends while avoiding the unfortunate cultural expectation to ‘be polite’. It provides our grieving friends and loved ones the space they need to process their loss alone; while also an easy avenue to our help should they need it. It says “I am here if you need me”, without requiring a response, striking a perfect balance between distance and closeness.

Beautiful in BlueSending Condolences in Calgary

When you’ve learned that someone close to you has entered into the process of grief, it can spur powerful feelings in you as well. You immediately are struck with the desire to help your friend or loved one, but also recognize the need for distance.

If you are struggling to find the words to say, consider action instead, and send a funeral floral arrangement from All Flowers and Gifts as a gesture for your support.