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Choosing the Right Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming, and that means roses! While it’s only appropriate to give one type of flower this Feb 14th, don’t think your options for creativity are limited! With the right bouquet from All Flowers And Gifts, you can ensure your Valentine’s Day flowers say “I Love You” just the way you want them to.

Cupid's Creation with Red Roses by Teleflora
The Meaning of a Bouquet

When individuals fall in love, they come together to form something greater than themselves. Each member contributes their own unique character, together creating something more beautiful than they could ever make on their own. It’s appropriate, then, that the gift we give each other on the day we celebrate love is the bouquet, symbolic of this very idea.

Like relationships, no two bouquets are the same. Each has a distinct character, the result of unique individuals coming together to create something beautiful. For bouquets, its flowers each contribute their own aesthetic appeal to a grander arrangement. For relationships, it’s people coming together in love.

Teleflora's Rose Quartet Vase


When choosing your bouquet this year, it’s useful to think about the distinct character of your relationship, and creating a bouquet that reflects it. Consider these thoughts from All Flowers And Gifts

Aesthetic Decision-Making

With so many arrangements and bouquets available, it can be tough to select the one that best fits your relationship and the aesthetic preferences of your significant other. It can be useful to ask yourself these questions to ensure you pick the right one.

  • Simple or Complex?

Sometimes elegance is preferred to complexity, sometimes complexity to elegance. Knowing which one your significant other prefers can be massively helpful to picking the right arrangement or bouquet. Consider the way they decorate their spaces. Are they sparse, clean, and organized; or are they more densely packed, ‘noisy’, and rich?

  • Bouquet Colors

Picking the right colors is a powerful way to demonstrate the unique character of your relationship. Lighter and more vibrant colors indicate a relationship full of energy and vitality; whereas darker, deeper colors demonstrate maturity and richness. Selecting an arrangement that balances light and dark elements is a great way to speak volumes about your relationship!

  • Bouquet Accessories

A bouquet or arrangement is little without the vehicle for its presentation. The vase you choose is an opportunity to contrast or enhance the character of your arrangement. Thin, taller vases make for thinner, taller arrangements; displaying your flowers on-high and revealing any aesthetic accents in your selected vase. Shorter, wider vases allow flowers to spread out, sacrificing ones view of the vase to accentuate the view of the flowers.

All Flowers And GiftsLove's Divine

Be sure to keep these considerations in mind when looking through our wide selection of Valentine’s day arrangements, and you can ensure that this Valentines will be one that both you and your significant other will cherish for years to come!